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Nail Polish - Colorful Sequins

Product Details

Easy to apply - no special technique is required!
Perfect and shiny nail art gel polish gel with sequins.
Professional quality nail polish ingredients which give glossy and long-lasting nail color.
Needs to cure under the Professional UV/LED light nail dryer lamp(3w, 9w, 12w 36w, 48w etc.)
Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.

Usage Instructions:
1. File your nail first. Remember to push back or remove excess curticle. Then clean the nail surface.
2. Apply a base Gel first for perfection. Dry it under UV or LED lamp
3. Apply the color Gel the way you do with nail polish. Cure it under UV Lamp for 2-3 minutes (LED lamp for 1-2 minutes)
4. Apply a second layer for if you want a more solid color and cure it under UV or LED lamp again.
5. If it remains sticky after dry, remove the stickiness by Gel Cleanser.

100% Brand new and high quality!
Color: 24 Colors to choose
Volume: 7ml
Product Measurement: X 2.3cm X 8cm ( Length X Width X Height )
Suitable Lamp:UV/LED Lamp
Net Weight:34g

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