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2358 Compay introduction

Mar 15, 2019

The company has always been with the product concept of exquisite and affordable, fashion simple and rapid innovation, the fashion and leisure department products that people can afford.


At present, the company introduced international advanced design talent, the products always keep pace with milan, italy style design, independent research and development for many national industry patents, and won several national certification.

The company has formed a modern chain brand of fashion, enviromental protection, art and inteligence, and has opened a new page for the department store chain.


The company brand pursures the concept of " From life, From nature, with authenticity".

The company aim to build the global chain brand and establish a standardized chain management system, and now has more than 600 franchised franchised stores worldwide.


At present, with the development of the Internet, the company has attracted the attention of business people form all over the workd with the " new retail" chain operation concept and unique business model.


Company's new online shopping services platform, but also set the fashion leisure delicate goods department stoer industry at home and abroad, using multi-channel interaction, pre-sale experience, inteligent match at an organic whole, consumption and the experience of double enjoyment, is advantageous to the consumer get more real life convenient and quality services.