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2358 Miniso contact informations

Mar 19, 2019

First of all , We are happy to introduce our company.Mr. Song guanghui, chairman of the company was starting business as the driver of motorcycle taxi, and built company over 10 years ,which named wenbo .  

The 2358 chain brand was planning operation. By the end of December there were already 20 stores. Mr. Song guanghui, chairman of the company, won the "one of the top ten outstanding young e-commerce companies in yiwu city" in 2012.

Now there are more than 600 stores in the global .  heres 2358 official website 

We developed the aboard market in the 2016 what is less than 2 years, but there are more than 60 stores in the overseas market . The most of the aboard stores are distributed Southeast Asia and Middle East. And our company is fast growth in the global,we are opening 2 stores every mouths with our aboard partner.


And there are more than 16,000 products in our warehouse, Our company would update 200 to 260 new products every month.More than 20 million CNY of shipments are shipped to the store of our partner each month.


We got the information form your email about you have been doing business with the Chinese for more than 20 years ,so you should understand a lots of thing about Chinese company and Chinese dealer .


If you are interested, please make a program to visit Chinese to have a meeting , we would like to introduce our company&our products in person.

We also want you to be our company partner.Once you are convinced, we can take this forward.


Here have email and wechat who can talk with you in  English . Her name is Lulu.

Email :

Wechat: SL976808874

Tel:+86 15924246189