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Floss rod detail

Apr 18, 2018

Dental floss sticks, also known as floss picks, are products that are used with toothbrushes in everyday oral care. Before flossing, people flossed to achieve the same effect. Compared with dental floss, dental floss sticks are more convenient, efficient, safe, and sanitary.

The toothbrush can only brush up to 70% of the teeth on the table. The dental floss can make up for the inadequacy of the toothbrush. It is a household tooth care product commonly used in Europe and America today. This product can be used as a toothpick and can be used as a dental floss. Dental floss head design, 2 kilograms of tension floss protection gums, remove plaque, soft dirt, food debris, toothpick middle design with non-slip edges or a variety of non-slip texture, toothpick head flat, such as knife shape, more conducive to stuffing teeth The seam can be bent to a 45-degree angle, which is beneficial for removing the debris that cannot be touched by a common toothpick.