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May 04, 2019

At the moment, China's target consumers are hungry for it, but don't have the ability to regularly consume luxury brands.

Therefore, the Chinese market urgently needs such a brand: the products are exquisite, close to life, low in fashion, low in leisure and simple, and can support the enterprise to maintain the position of the industry leader and broad development space!

The fast iteration of fashionable and low-priced products meets the needs of these people.

From South Korea, focus on the world fast fashion department store and integrate into the fast fashion culture of China.

It's also a surprise for more people to live in a quasi-consumer group that is 18 to 35 years old.

The "2358" brand became popular in China.


The development of 2358, profits from the development of Internet technology, customers can contact us through the Internet wherever they are in the world


We also want you to be our company partner.

Once you are convinced, we can take this forward.


Here have email and wechat who can talk with you in  English . Her name is Lulu.

Email :

Wechat: SL976808874

Tel:+86 15924246189

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