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miniso service

Mar 19, 2019

Products: product positioning precision, independent research and development. Update 3--8 new products on average every day to ensure the advantages of franchisee business

Brand: unified standard image and unified brand promotion

Earnings: disruptive marketing, faster return of capital and greater profit margins

Resources: The 42,000 square meters of self-built industrial parks provide the customers with a comfortable quality of goods and a sufficient quantity of goods

Technology: to set the standard for the peers to provide intelligent experience software and personalized personalized customized system for partne

The output of the whole store: from the site selection, the supply of goods to the late supervisor's continuous service to ensure that franchisees start business successful    

Business circle protection: the best business circle protection policy to enjoy the exclusive right of business inthe department store industry

Distribution service: the independent logistics center completes the delivery service in time

Corporate culture: integrity, honesty, assistance, sharing, change, creation

If you are interested, please make a program to visit Chinese to have a meeting , we would like to introduce our company&our products in person.

We also want you to be our company partner.Once you are convinced, we can take this forward.


Here have email and wechat who can talk with you in  English . Her name is Lulu.

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