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Various plastic bags material advantages

Apr 18, 2018

1, biaxially oriented polypropylene BOPP: high transparency, tensile, cold, heat, -40 degrees -120 degrees;

2, biaxially oriented polypropylene matting film: a small degree of reflection, semi-transparent, with extinction film;

3, cast polypropylene CPP: good luster, good transparency, with heat sealing, casting high temperature film suitable for cooking packaging;

4, polyethylene PE: transparent, good gloss, with heat sealing, cold resistance;

5, polyester film PET: with tension, heat 60-150 degrees, good air tightness, suitable for cooking, no heat sealing;

6, nylon PA or NY: colorless, high transparency, cold, heat, oil, can be cooked. Easy to absorb moisture, no heat sealing.