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Peeler Effect

Apr 18, 2018

A potato peeler is particularly suitable for peeling irregularly shaped potatoes, radishes, fruits and the like, and is connected with a cover plate with an upright pole, a cutting knife mechanism, and a bottom cover with a fork shaft. On the base, the transmission rod is placed in the column and the fork shaft end of the gear through the middle gear and the transmission rod end gear constitute the transmission device, also includes the base of the digging knife, the fork shaft in addition to the middle pin, the surrounding there is a corresponding, Spacer pins; one side of the cutter head is flat, one side is inclined; this cutter head and blade holder with blades are peeled close to the potato surface under the action of the cutter mechanism, which has good peeling effect, complete functions, and convenient use. It saves time and effort, and is suitable for families, hotels and guesthouses.